Automatic door motors

Automatic door opener motors

Our motors and gearboxes are perfect for automatic sliding doors, automatic roller doors and for any kind of automatic door.

The solutions we can propose for this sector are the most varied and include the use of DC and brushless motors. The series of worm gearboxes KCM031, has been designed to meet the technical specifications of this field, by optimizing the size and costs.

The range of planetary P42 and P52 instead lends itself to more efficient solutions. The LN version (Low Noise) creates added value for the most demanding applications sectors.

The developing use of elevators in the private sector, housing with 2 or 3 floors, it required a very specific product and very compact. So, it has been designed a brushless motor with outrunner rotor technology, which has been coupled to a planetary diameter 32mm in the LN version (Low Noise).


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