INTECNO srl is an integral part of the Transtecno Group, with a range of complementary products that are perfectly integrated in the Group’s offer.

The MICRO Gearmotors line is the main product family for us and for our clients, who are able to work with a reliable partner supplying small gearboxes of different types. Small DC and brushless motors combined with worm gearboxes and helical gearboxes.

The result is a line of DC and brushless gearboxes that can be used in numerous driving sectors of Italian and world industry: you will find our MICRO gearboxes in food machinery, domotics, and systems for the disabled and in all kinds of movement requiring a compact size and excellent performance.

As well as the MICRO Gearmotors range, we also offer the Greenline range of brushless gearboxes with up to 660 Watt power. This means we are able to offer the market solutions with output torque up to 400Nm.